Simple / Immediate / Direct Burial


• Removal from place of death (Removal from LA and all of Orange County)
• Filing of Death Certificate
• Delivery to Cemetery (40 mile radius of our office. No Family Present)
• Assistance in Processing VA, Social Security, and Insurance Policies.
• Basic services of the funeral director, staff and overhead
• Transferring the Remains to the funeral home
• Securing and filing necessary certificates and permits; refrigeration of Remains
• Delivery to local cemetery.

(Casket and other merchandise not included. Other services can be selected at additional cost) 1 disposition permit is included.

Direct Burial ranges in price from $915.00 to $1,900.00 with the below options:

Direct Burial with casket provided by purchaser - $915.00

Direct Burial with gray felt covered cardboard casket selected from us (plus tax) - $1770.00

Direct Burial with 20 gage non-gasketed metal casket selected from us (plus tax) - $1900.00